Social Content Curation

Strategic social content curation should be aligned with a brand’s marketing objective, product persona and the purchaser’s interest level. Content is the pivotal aspect of successful inbound marketing campaigns. Captora’s data driven marketing execution platform helps you to attract prospective customers at a low cost per lead through effective social content curation.

Why Turn To Captora?

Captora is the only cross-marketing platform that adapts to demand and optimizes content marketing strategies for capturing multiple leads across your channels. Armed with Captora’s data driven marketing execution platform you can:-

  • Enhance the CPL by driving more leads by taking fewer initiatives.
  • Increase your conversion rates by putting the high-quality and hyper-targeted content in front of the interested buyers.
  • Deliver more incremental leads, improve the existing technology and offer insightful data on which campaigns are working, which content is of high-quality, and what other market players are doing.
  • Accelerate your marketing contact database growth at a lower CPL.

Effective social content curation leveraging Captora’s Marketing Execution Platform increases your online visibility and allows buyers to find you and show interest in your product and services even before the competition. Check out Captora today and request for a free trial.


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