Small Business Search Engine Optimization SEO

Many marketers are utilizing search engine optimization to help them increase their ranking on search engines in order to help them reach more visitors. Small businesses are concerned with driving traffic to their site, but they should also be concerned with increasing conversions. Having visitors land on your site is important, but being able to generate leads and increase conversion is critical for growth. Search engine algorithms are constantly changing and marketers need an effective way to engage new buyers without relying on SEO.

Content marketing is a great way for small business to increase their brand awareness and engage new buyers. With thousands of buyers on the web, marketers have a significant opportunity to engage those buyers via organic channels but producing relevant content. Marketers are spending countless hours creating blogs, infographics, and whitepapers to reach buyers, but many times don’t have the resources to see which campaigns are working. Without a way to track how your content campaigns are doing, marketers will loose out on opportunities to drive conversions.

Captora helps businesses of all sizes create content that will engage new buyers as well as increase conversions. Captora helps marketers achieve fast results. Captora leverages your content ecosystem to automatically produce content-driven campaigns to ensure that marketers are reaching the right prospective buyers with the most relevant content. To expand your pipeline, Captora uses top-of-funnel marketing to make sure you are reaching as many potential buyers as possible, even those who have not heard of your brand. With Captora, marketers get insight into what campaigns to prioritize in order to engage and capture thousands of new buyers across multiple platforms. Marketers no longer need to keep up with changes in search algorithms or guess what content to create because Captora solves that problem.

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