SEO Tools

As Google is constantly changing its organic search algorithm, marketers are constantly scrambling to find new tools and techniques to stay ahead of their competition. Also, marketers are under more pressure to engage potential customers with content and convert them into paying customers.

Captora was created to solve this exact problem. Captora is the only digital marketing tool to automate top of funnel lead generation. Captora helps marketers optimize and automate their SEO strategies to generate high quality leads. We do this in 3 ways:

  • See - Access real-time buyer and competitive intelligence in order to SEE content gaps and content opportunities.
  • Do - DO more with your team by automating and scaling campaign creation.
  • Win - WIN conversions by using real-time data to drive continuous improvement and report results by campaign, persona and channel.

Captora is helping companies like Docusign and Marketo lower their CPL while at the same time generate quarterly growth in website visitors, new leads, non-branded search traffic and conversion rates on organic search campaigns.

Digital Marketing Acceleration Video