SEO Search Tools

To be successful in SEO, marketers need to have content on their website that is relevant to the search results people use so that their website can be ranked high by search engines. Many marketers use SEO tools to help make their website more visible and keep track of what keywords are driving traffic to your website. But search engines are constantly changing their algorithms, so marketers might have a successful SEO strategy once and not the other time. These SEO search tools can be effective, but they constantly need to be optimized and managed. Marketers are looking for a more effective way to engage buyers without constant managing and manual optimization.

Marketers are looking at content marketing to drive more traffic and generate leads. Content marketing allows marketers to reach the same end goals as SEO, but in a more effective way. However, despite content marketing being effective, marketers are struggling to create content. To be successful in content marketing, marketers need data to tell them what content to create, what campaigns to focus on, and what campaigns are working to deliver results.

Captora enables marketers to successfully create content that will reach and engage thousands of buyers through search engines. Captora mines your content ecosystem to automatically produce thousands of data-driven campaigns that are relevant to buyer demand. Marketers no longer have to guess when it comes to creating content, and can now be confident that they’re creating the best content to drive conversions. With Captora, marketers have the tools to make them sucessful in marketing.

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