SEO Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization(SEO), is the process of having your website rank high in search engine results for keywords that are relevant to your website. With continuous changes in search engine algorithms, marketers don’t have the ability to see which keywords are driving visitors to their website. SEO is still used in marketing, but marketers want a more efficient way of reaching their goals.

Creating content is a great method of engaging prospects. Buyers are using search engines to find informative information about your product or service before making a purchase decision. This gives marketers a huge opportunity to create engaging and informative content to increase brand awareness. However, marketers don’t have insight into what content to create, and thus aren’t capturing buyers. Marketers also have the opportunity to engage buyers who do not know about their brand, but are searching for your product or service. Putting the right content in front of prospective buyers will enable marketers to see optimal results.

Captora knows the importance of capturing new buyers and creating valuable content. Captora’s robust system automatically creates data-driven campaigns based on content in your space. Now marketers have insight into which campaigns to focus on, what competitors are talking about, and what demand is out there. Marketers are no longer guessing when it comes to content creation. With Captora marketers can be confident that their content is valuable enough to engage new buyers and help them meet their marketing goals.

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