SEO Qualified Leads

Marketers are under pressure to deliver qualified leads to their sales teams and contribute to pipeline. Most of the leads marketers are generating are either not good fits or are not ready to commit to to your product or service. If a lead fits your criteria and has the budget and authority to make a purchasing decision, then they are a qualified leads. Marketers are finding it challenging to find qualified leads.

Using organic search or SEO channels is an effective way to find qualified leads. However, existing automation solutions do not scale to the level marketers are looking for. Being able to scale your content and campaigns to engage buyers is critical for growth. Most of the traffic you are generating is coming from people who know your brand or company. But there are thousands of buyers who do not know you exist, and you are missing out on the opportunity to grow pipeline. In order to reach these buyers, you need to create informative and engaging content.

Captora helps marketers increase qualified leads from SEO channels. Captora leverages the web, your competitors content, and your content to automatically create data-driven campaigns that show marketers where opportunities exist. Through Captora, marketers can prioritize campaigns based on where they have strong, relevant content, and also see what content their competitors were talking about. By producing informative content, marketers can generate more leads. Once you generate leads you can filter which leads are qualified and fit your criteria. With buyers on the web, Captora enables marketers to find those buyers through SEO channels and give their sales team the qualified leads they need to close deals.

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