SEO Organic Search

Organic search is a great way to increase traffic to your website, attract buyers, and generate leads. Marketers use SEO to try ranking higher in organic search results when buyers search for relevant keywords. But, search engines are constantly making changes in their search engine algorithms. This means that marketers can have a successful SEO strategy once, and not drive the same results later on. Having to constantly manage and optimize content can be a manual and time consuming process, which marketers don’t have time to focus on.

Content marketing is the future. Buyers are using search engines thus providing marketers with the opportunity to create content to reach them through organic search. However, marketers do not have the data to help them create relevant content. Much of the content being produced is sitting collecting dust and has no tie to ROI. Having data that tells marketers what campaigns are doing well, what content to prioritize, and how competitors are doing is critical.

Captora helps marketers engage and capture thousands of new buyers through organic search channels. By utilizing top-of-funnel marketing, Captora reaches buyers who have not heard of your company, but are searching for your product or service. By leveraging your content ecosystem Captora automatically creates content-driven campaigns based on data that is relevant to demand. Marketers can get rid of the guesswork of creating content, and successfully create campaigns with relevant data to successfully reach buyers through organic search.

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