SEO Marketing Vs SEO Advertising

SEO Marketing vs SEO Advertising

A typical question by marketers these days, but we may be able to provide some insight.

SEO marketing refers to the concept of using targeted words and phrases to raise website ranking. Yet, today's world is changing rapidly and we are seeing big changes in search engine algorithms, making it so marketers cannot easily evaluate which keywords will drive traffic. Buyers are constantly on search engines to gain information, allowing marketers great opportunity to reach those buyers via organic search.

On the other hand, advertising, aka Pay-Per-Click marketing, is an additional way to increase website traffic. Marketers develop ads and then search engines push them to so-called 'sponsored areas'. Paid search is a great way to generate leads, but its success is diluted as marketers attempt to scale. Marketers want to scale content to reach their buyers quickly. Paid search optimization allows marketers to generate leads and drive conversions.

Captora is designed to help you achieve your marketing goals. Your marketing department will attract new buyers, especially those anonymous to your company by using top-of-funnel marketing. Captora's technology crawls your content, competitor’s content, and channels across the web, to develop hyper-targeted campaigns across both paid & organic search. Captora’s optimization tool allows marketers to attain results and track them in real-time.

This 2-minute video demonstrates the key features Captora will add to your marketing strategy!

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