SEO Marketing Vs PPC Marketing

There are two major ways marketers can boost traffic to their website. Marketers can use Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising or Search Engine Optimization (SEO), or even both.

SEO Marketing

Marketers can build traffic for free by ranking high in search engine results based on targeted keywords. Many marketers find this attractive because it is free, and buyers are more likely to click your website if it is ranked high. With recent changes within search engine ranking algorithms to hide query data, marketers no longer have insight into what keywords are boosting traffic to their site. Some marketers are still using SEO, but many marketers are turning to other strategies to generate more traffic and increase leads through organic search.

PPC Marketing

Marketers can also increase traffic by using PPC advertising programs such as Google Adwords. Marketers can display ads in the sponsored result sections on search engines. PPC is associated with a fee whenever a viewer comes across your ad and goes to your website. Paid search can be an effective and meaningful channel for lead generation. However, it often starts to hit diminishing returns as you scale - at larger spend levels, doubling paid search budgets does not double lead volumes. Therefore, for sophisticated marketers, the paid search opportunity is all about optimization. How do you make the most out of existing spend and maximize conversion?

Which Is Better?

But which approach is better? It depends on your needs and budget. Captora takes SEO and PPC marketing to another level. For SEO, Captora automatically leverages your content ecosystem to automatically produce targeted campaigns that show marketers where content gaps lie, what campaigns to prioritize, how your competitors are doing, and where existing opportunities exist. In terms of PPC, Captora dynamically and automatically optimizes paid search campaigns to drive higher conversion rates. Our solution personalizes the page based on visitor information (geo, industry, etc.) and continually A/B tests key campaign elements (e.g, what CTA and offer performs best). Captora helps marketers across different marketing strategies to ensure they are achieving optimal results!