Marketing Strategy

Inbound Marketing encompasses all of the marketing activities used to help potential buyers find your company by providing them with valuable content usually before they are aware of your company. This includes SEO, PPC, creating content, social media promotions, marketing automation etc. Furthermore, inbound marketing can be used in both demand generation and lead generation strategies. A component of inbound marketing is Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

SEO Marketing encompasses all of the marketing events involved with helping you increase your Google rankings. This includes your content promotions, optimizing landing pages, social media promotions.

  • Content Promotions - gone are the days of overloading your site with trending keywords. Still practicing this strategy? You may be being penalized by Google. In modern marketing, marketers must provide their audience with context to their content. Meaning that you need to understand the buyer intent signals of particular search phrases and how your positioning and experience can provide your audience with value.
  • Landing Page Optimization - Companies that direct organic search users back to a home page or a resources section are also being penalized by Google. Again, gone are the days of keywords and link building. This shift in Google's ranks have led to the need for hyper targeted landing pages, or micro sites that can only be accessed by clicking on a CTA and are dedicated to a specific search term.
  • Social Media Promotions - As both B2C and B2B decision makers are relying on social media to identify products and solutions, companies need to be present and consistent on social media to engage this somewhat anonymous audience.
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