SEO Marketing VS Advertising- What's The Difference

SEO marketing is the process of increasing your website ranking based on relevant keywords. According to Responsys in 2013, 38% of marketers thought they could measure SEO ROI. In 2014, that declined to 28%. Marketers no longer have access to what keywords are increasing traffic to their site, because of recent changes in search algorithms to hide query data. Marketers are finding it complex to figure out a way to tie SEO with ROI. Some marketers are still trying to use SEO marketing, but most marketers are trying to find more effective ways of not only increasing traffic, but generating leads as well.

On the other hand, advertising or PPC marketing is also a way of increasing website traffic. Marketers are able to create ads in the sponsored areas of search engine results. Marketers pay search engines a fee to list your ad, and when someone clicks on your add, you pay the cost per click. Paid search is an effective method to generate leads, but it often diminishes returns as you try to scale. For modern marketers, paid search optimization will give you great opportunities to generate leads and drive conversions.

Both SEO and advertising have a place in modern marketing practices. Captora sees how marketers are missing out on opportunities in both of these strategies and has a way for marketers to reach thousands of new buyers across both paid and organic campaigns. By focusing on top-of-funnel marketing, marketers are able to reach buyers who are not familiar with your company. Captora leverages your content ecosystem to create content-driven campaigns to ensure marketers are creating content that will increase traffic and generate leads. For paid search campaigns, Captora is continuously optimizing CTAs, offers, and more to find what drives the best conversion rates. Marketers can use either SEO or advertising depending on what results they want and what their budget is. Captora takes a unique approach to both types of campaigns to ensure marketers are reaching their goals.

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