SEO Marketing Vs Advertising


SEO marketing refers to the idea of increasing your website ranking based on targeted keywords. However, with changes in search engine algorithms, marketers don't have access into which keywords are driving traffic. With buyers utilizing search engines to find information, marketers have a significant opportunity to be able to reach those buyers through organic search. There is till room for SEO, but most marketers are trying to increase traffic as well as generate leads.


Advertising or PPC marketing is another method of increasing website traffic. Marketers create ads and search engines put them in the sponsored areas. Paid search is a great method of generating leads, but it diminishes as marketers try to scale. Marketers want to be able to scale content to reach the most amount of buyers. Paid search optimization will give marketers great opportunities to generate leads and drive conversions.

How Marketers Can Use This To Drive Results

SEO and advertising are significant in modern marketing. Marketers are missing out on existing opportunities, thus Captora has a solution to help marketers meet their goals. Captora ensures marketers are attracting thousands of new buyers especially those who have not heard of your company by using top-of-funnel marketing. Captora’s patent technology mines all your data, your competitor’s data, and data on the web, to automatically create targeted campaigns across both paid and organic search. Captora’s always-on optimization tool enables marketers to get the results they need. Marketers can continuously test and optimize content, CTAs and offers to dramatically increase conversions. Captora ensures that marketers are closing content gaps and leveraging existing opportunities.

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