SEO Marketing Strategy

In modern marketing, one of the main marketing strategies that is utilized is search engine optimization (SEO). Marketers are trying to tailor their website to the algorithms that search engines use to rank websites based on the key phrases being searched. However, search engine algorithms are continuously changing and marketers are finding it hard to stay ahead of the game. Without visibility into buyer intent, it is hard for marketers to be able to reach prospective buyers. Having a SEO marketing strategy isn’t the most effective way of reaching buyers.

Content marketing is a great way to engage new buyers and drive pipeline growth. Within the past decade, marketing has started contributing to pipeline growth though content. Creating content can be complex since it is a manual process. There is also little visibility into buyer intent and competitors moves. Marketers are also finding it difficult to find your best existing content to engage new buyers. With all these challenges marketers are missing out on growth and revenue. SEO companies try helping marketers connect with the right buyers, but with all the changes in algorithms having a system that can make content marketing easy for marketers is critical.

Captora takes SEO further because it knows the challenges marketers are facing. Captora enables marketers to:

  • Intelligently and automatically prioritizes and creates new digital campaigns
  • Engage new, high-quality, buyers before they know your brand
  • Enhance your existing marketing automation and CRM tools

With Captora’s data-driven campaigns, marketers now have insight into what their buyers and competitors are doing and can create relevant content. Marketers are able to identify new marketing opportunities, use existing content to create campaigns that are relevant, and continually optimize campaigns for conversions. Now marketers can have an effective marketing strategy with Captora.

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