SEO Marketing Services

SEO marketing services help marketers utilize certain keywords to help them rank higher in search engines when buyers search that keyword. Search engine optimization marketing services are relevant in marketing, but with continuous changes in search algorithms marketers don’t have access to which keywords are generating traffic to their website. While SEO marketing services help marketers generate traffic, they do little to drive conversions.

Marketers are starting to utilize content marketing strategies to ensure they are reaching thousands of buyers online and increase conversions. Modern marketers are under immense pressure to drive leads, capture potential buyers, and meet marketing goals. Creating content can be a manual and overwhelming process, thus marketers are trying to find a way to scale content to reach and engage prospects. By putting the most relevant content in front of the most likely buyers, marketers will see a large impact in conversions.

Captora doesn’t rely on SEO marketing services to help marketers make the process easier. To increase pipeline, Captora focuses on top-of-funnel marketing that enables marketers to attract thousands of new buyers who don’t know your company. Captora leverages your content, your competitions' content, and data from the web to automatically create targeted campaigns across various platforms to ensure marketers are creating relevant content. Marketers can now ensure that their content is reaching new buyers and is driving exceptional results.

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