SEO Marketing Plan

Many modern marketers are using SEO in their marketing plans. But, with the continuous changes in ranking algorithms to hide query data, marketers are not sure which keywords are driving traffic to their website. SEO strategies are trying to game search engine ranking algorithms in order to achieve higher ranking on search pages. The challenge is that your SEO strategy can work for a while, but after changes in algorithms you need to readjust the strategy. Marketers are trying to find a more effective way to attract buyers via organic search.

Your marketing plan should include content marketing. Content marketing is a great tool to help marketers engage their buyers by creating informative and interesting content, which is why more and more companies are increasing their content marketing budgets. Yet, it takes more than just creating content to ensure you are reaching buyers. Existing content solutions do not show marketers what content to create to maximize their marketing efforts. This causes marketers to spend countless hours creating content that isn’t delivering results.

When creating a marketing plan, marketers need data to ensure that their goals are attainable. With Captora, marketers can forget about guesswork and can get data-driven content campaigns. Captora automatically and intelligently leverages your content to ensure pipeline growth. Marketers can see what content, campaigns, and marketing channels are working well, and where optimization opportunities exist. Create an effective marketing plan with Captora!

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