SEO Management Tool

Ready to talk to SEO Platforms vendors? Here are ten questions you should ask:

  1. How do you calculate your search volumes?
  2. Can this system track millions of searches, visits, site pages, etc?
  3. Do you support international search?
  4. How do you measure and report universal search results?
  5. How robust and flexible are your reporting options?
  6. Where are the actionable reports? stakeholders who need SEO data.
  7. What other meta information does your system collect that may be made available to me via API?
  8. Is there a workflow built in that allows me to coordinate the work of my marketing, content, web development, social media, and PR teams across the organization?
  9. What kind of ongoing support and client engagement will your account team provide? How will you gauge our use or non-use of the platform’s features?
  10. What new features are you considering? What’s the long-term roadmap and launch dates?

With a platform like Captora,

Identify: digital marketing campaigns to go after where your buyers are searching.

Launch: with the best existing content that is hyper-targeted towards ideal buyers at each stage of their journey on the best converting channel.

Optimize: amplify your conversion rates of paid and organic campaigns.

Scale: with cross-channel analytics to track and reassess marketing investments that accelerate pipeline across various types of campaigns.

Look at our demo video- Captora is your solution!

Digital Marketing Acceleration Video