SEO Leads

Most inbound traffic comes from people that know your brand, as evidenced by leads coming from SEO channels. One challenge marketers are facing is keeping those buyers engaged. There are thousands of people on the web searching for information about your product or service, which gives marketers a significant advantage in producing relevant content to keep them engaged. Search engine optimization is the process of creating targeted keywords that allow your website to rank high when buyers search that keyword. But, with continuous changes in search ranking algorithms, marketers need to find a new way to produce relevant content to drive leads.

Marketers are under pressure to generate leads and contribute to pipeline. Creating content is a great way for marketers to drive and engage leads. But it takes more than just producing content to ensure you are generating leads. Marketers have no insight into what their buyers are searching thus causing them to guess about what content to prioritize. With all the guesswork and manual efforts of creating content, marketers are still struggling to tie their efforts to ROI. Since buyers are online, producing content that buyers can find through organic search will give marketers a huge advantage.

Captora helps marketers find more leads by connecting new buyers who don’t know about your company via organic channels by expanding top-of-funnel marketing. Being able to engage new prospects is a significant opportunity for marketers to contribute to pipeline. In order to help automate the manual process of creating content and give marketers insight into which campaigns to prioritize, Captora leverages your content ecosystem in order to automatically create targeted campaigns. Marketers can see how they are doing relative to their competition, what buyers are searching for, and where content gaps and opportunities exist. With Captora marketers can:

  • Reduce cost per lead
  • Generate more leads
  • Increase conversion rates

Captora enables marketers to reach new buyers across multi-channels to generate leads.

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