SEO Lead Generation

As modern marketers know, keeping up with Google's best practices is a full time job. However, due to the fact that online consumers spend nearly half of their time engaging with content, it is important to understand these practices in order to reach potential buyers. Here are three tips to help you stay competitive in the fierce SEO landscape.

  1. Create Audience/Keyword Centric Content - You must ensure that not only does your content cater to your target audience, but that it is also built around the keywords that your target audience is actively using. Traditionally, this was heavily reliant on guesswork. However, solutions such as Captora provide marketing teams with data-driven insights in order to identify digital marketing gaps and find and capture net new leads.
  2. Multi Channel Distribution - With online consumers using multiple channels to digest content, it is important to have targeted messages to reach those consumers on those different channels. If content is King, distribution is Queen, and like any positive and effective relationship, both parties must be working together towards a common goal. Your content attracts potential buyers and your distribution minimizes barriers of discoverability for that content.
  3. Optimize Landing Pages - In order to increase your SEO ranking and generate more leads, it is imperative to have optimized landing pages and nurture tracks in place. In regards to content, these landing pages must be built around the specific keyword that brought that particular visitor to a certain page. In regards to Google's best practices, the keyword should match the URL of the landing page as well as the title, subtitle and call to action. Finally, you should have a form, usually gated behind a piece of educational content, for contact information Once you capture the contact information you should have a marketing automation platform in place in order to nurture and qualify these leads.

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