SEO Conversion Rate

SEO, Search Engine Optimization, is the marketing practice of driving website traffic and developing a marketing database by distributing content on organic/free search channels. With Google's natural language and machine learning capabilities, modern marketers need to promote relevant content piece that contain valuable offers. One of the most accurate ways to measure the effectiveness of your SEO strategy is through by conversion rates. Here are some tips and techniques to increase your conversion rates.

  • Google Changes - As Google is the largest organic search channel, modern marketers need to be aware of the changes that it is constantly making to its search algorithm. Google empowers online consumers by providing them with the specific content they are looking for. This means placing context in your content, identifying and addressing buyer intent signals and optimizing landing pages are all themes that need to be addressed in a effective SEO strategy.
  • Landing Page Design - The design of your landing page can either build immediate trust or distrust. Here are some design elements you should focus on to increase;
    • URL, Title, Subtitle, Header, and Body Content - ALL of these elements must have a direct relationship with the specific search term or pain statement
    • Golden Ratio - universal design ratio that provides a balanced look website designs as well as objects in nature.
    • Clear Call to Actions - Make it easy for the visitor to know what it is what you want them to do, and why exactly they should do so.
  • Continual Testing - The most basic changes in messaging, your title, your offering or your overall design can lead to different results and conversion rates. Test & optimize your campaigns as well as your design elements to see what is driving the most convesions .
  • Captora - Captora is a digital marketing solution helps marketers accelerate pipeline growth by automating the top of funnel to identify key demand signals and build hundreds of hyper targeted landing pages at scale.

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