SEO Content Strategy

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Content Strategy is a key ingredient to your marketing mix. The amount of presence a company can gain through search engine marketing is sky-high. Most consumers jump straight to search engines to begin the buyer process. SEO is how visible and highly ranked your site is on a search engine. SEO companies, like Google, attempt to help marketers by using specific keywords or phrases to drive traffic to their site and draw in the right consumers. With the right content you will reach the right buyers. However, search algorithms are changing to hide query data, adding inefficiencies to search engine optimization.

AOL has researched that there are 27 million+ pieces of content shared on the web each day. Thus, the importance for marketers to outline an effective content strategy that will justify marketing programs by tying back to ROI. A content strategy is a plan of action that will create demand-generating content that will beat competitors on search engine rankings. One might say it is a well-documented plan that a marketing team intend to carry out in order to develop brand awareness, build SEO and to convert those potential buyers into leads.

Captora is today's modern digital marketing acceleration platform, designed by marketers.


  1. Crawls your content and your competitor's content to assess where you rank with your content on the web.
  2. Assesses buyer intel to prioritize the type of keywords consumers are using to launch searches for your product or service.
  3. Builds and maintains paid and organic campaigns using your content across channels.
  4. Boosts your content and lowers your costs per leads while driving pipeline.
  5. Gives you the metrics and analytics to support your marketing investments.

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