SEO Content Creation

Marketers are always looking for the most effective and creating SEO content.

Here are tips to produce the most relevant content:

Freshen Up Your Content

Routinely check and update the content that:

  • Drives conversions. If you have goal-tracking set up in Google Analytics (GA), look at Behavior>Site Content>Landing Pages, filter by Organic Traffic and check page-level goal completions.
  • Drives qualified visits. This refers to any content that's core to your business and/or fulfills KPIs you're measuring, in addition to conversions, such as engagement metrics or even raw traffic numbers.
  • Has lost traffic. In GA, use the "compare to" feature. Pick a date range from the previous year to compare to this year's traffic, and locate pages that have lost traffic over time.

Promote Other People's Work

A great way to amplify the reach of your content is to promote the work and the wisdom of others.

You can feature others in your content by:

  • Including a quote. This can be a quote you get directly from the source or one you pull from something they've already written, even if it's a simple Tweet. Just make sure to cite the source.
  • Running a solo or group interview.
  • Linking out. If there are key industry thought leaders, influencers or bloggers you're targeting, regularly include links to anything they've published, be it an article, an eBook, or their blog.

Publish on Popular Topics

One sure-fire way to drive more qualified traffic to your site is to target popular topics. Audiences have already demonstrated that they want and value this type of information.

To find popular topics, you can leverage keyword tools; look at competitor content that's already generated a high degree of engagement; pull an internal site search report in Google Analytics and audit your existing content to see what people are searching for and engaging with.

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