SEO And Content Strategy

Have A Content Strategy That Helps You Reach New Buyers

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the ranking and visibility of your website from search engine results. SEO companies try helping marketers use certain keywords to drive traffic to their site and attract the right buyers. With the right content you can reach the right buyers. However, there has been changes within search algorithms to hide query data, causing search engine optimization to not be as effective. With constant changes in algorithms, marketers are finding it challenging to keep up. Having an effective content strategy will help marketers drive pipeline.

Marketers are finding that creating content can be a challenging process. Creating content is complicated because there is little to no visibility into buyer intent, guesswork when it comes to creating the right content, and the manual process of creating campaigns. Marketers are struggling to get through the noise and reach the right buyers with the right content. Since buyers are on the web searching for information, marketers need to produce valuable content to engage buyers.

Captora helps marketers reach the right people with the right content. In order to build pipeline, Captora optimizes top-of-funnel marketing to reach thousands of new buyers. To ease the manual process of creating content, Captora’s patent technology leverages content within your space to automatically create data-driven campaigns acorss various channels. Now marketers can prioritize what content to create and engage high-quality buyers before they know your brand. SEO companies only help solve some of the challenges marketers are facing, but Captora gives marketers insight into what their competitors are doing and buyer intent. Now, marketers will be able to close content gaps, optimize opportunities, and continually optimize campaigns for conversion

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