Search Marketing Platform

Marketing platforms depend on knowing your brand's audience and how your products and services can provide solutions to their problems. With search engine technology, websites must contain the right keywords to direct buyers toward your brand, arriving at landing pages that will further capture your interest. If that content isn't actually on your website, whether directly in the content or in meta tags and keywords, search engines won't show your content in results.

How do marketers discover the exact content to put on their pages to match what buyers are searching for? They can spend plenty of time making guesses at this, and often do a decent job - but many opportunities can be missed with the exhausting legwork this entails. Without dependable, real-time data, marketers can't move forward with successful search marketing platforms.

At Captora, our deep analytics reveal buyer demand signals and allow marketers to optimize search engine rankings to increase engagement and drive conversions. With Captora's technology, marketers can place the exact keywords buyers are searching within their content, and automatically see results on the content that is most effective. Captora allows marketers to go beyond SEO rankings and really leverage their content to see major increases in lead conversion rates, with a lower cost-per-lead acquisition.

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