Search Engine Optimization SEO Services

SEO services are there to help marketers use targeted keywords to help them rank higher in search engines. Traditional search engine optimization services still have a place in marketing plans, but marketers are trying to find new ways to engage potential buyers via organic channels. Thanks to changes in search engine algorithms to hide query data, there is no longer access to which keywords will allow marketers to drive traffic to their site. SEO services are great for generating traffic, but isn’t the most effective way of increasing conversions.

Creating dozens of content to engage new buyers is a great way for marketers to drive conversions. Modern marketers are under pressure to generate leads, capture buyers, and meet revenue goals. However, they don't have the resources to help them focus on how to scale content to reach thousands of buyers. Today, marketers are spending time and effort in creating content that has no tie to ROI, thus causing them to loose out on revenue and growth. If marketers can put relevant content in front of the right buyers, they will see a significant increase in conversions.

Captora doesn’t rely on SEO services to help marketers meet their goals. Captora understands the pressures marketers are under, and has the solution to ensure they are successful in modern marketing. In order to grow pipeline, Captora uses top-of-funnel marketing to ensure marketers have access to thousands of new buyers who don’t know your brand. Captora leverages the content in your space to automatically produce content-driven campaigns to enable marketers to create relevant content. Now marketers can reach thousands of new buyers via multiple channels by producing valuable information. With Captora marketers can feel confident that their content is reaching new buyers and is driving optimal results.

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