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Search engine optimization (SEO) refers to using targeted keywords that are relevant to your website to ensure that your site is ranking high in search engines. However, marketers no longer have access to which keywords are driving traffic to their site thanks to changes in search algorithms to hide query data. SEO marketing still has some value in marketing, but modern marketers are finding new ways to reach buyers. There are thousands of potential buyers online using search engines (Primarily Google) to find information about products,services or industry education. Thus, giving marketers a huge opportunity to grab the attention of online consumers. Despite this opportunity, marketers still struggle to sort through the and fuel ROI.

Modern marketers are relying on content to attract, engage net new buyers. By creating content such as vidoes, whitepapers and blogs, marketers are hoping to extend the reach of their content and engage anonymous potential customers. However in order to provide consumers with the content they are looking for, marketers need to know what campaigns to prioritize, what content will increase conversions and what channels will reach the right buyers.

Captora takes SEO marketing further. Marketers no longer need to worry about changing their marketing strategies because of changes in search algorithm. Captora uses top-of-funnel marketing to ensure marketers are reaching thousands of new potential buyers who don’t know about their company. With Captora’s robust system, marketers have insight into where content gaps and opportunities exist in order to increase conversions. Captora automatically produces data-driven campaigns to ensure marketers are reaching the right buyers with valuable content. Captora gives marketers the insight they need to help them increase pipeline growth.

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