Search Engine Optimization SEO Best Practices

Many marketers are using search engine optimization (SEO) to ensure buyers are landing on their website. There are many websites that can tell marketers what the best SEO practices are. SEO enables marketers to increase their website traffic, but it doesn’t necessarily mean they are driving conversions. With constant changes in search algorithms, markers don’t have access to what keywords are driving web traffic. Modern marketers need a way to reach, engage, and capture buyers without having to worry about changes in search algorithms.

Content marketing is a great technique that marketers can utilize to engage new buyers. Marketers are under a lot of pressure to contribute to pipeline growth, engage new buyers, and meet revenue goals. There is little visibility into what buyers are searching for, what campaigns to prioritize, and how competitors are doing. If marketers can produce the right content and get it in front of the right buyers, then they can drastically increase conversion rates.

Captora takes SEO further because it understands the pressure marketers are facing. Captora enables marketers to:

  • Intelligently and automatically prioritizes and creates new campaigns
  • Engage new buyers before they know your brand
  • Enhance existing marketing automation and CRM tools

Captora’s robust system automatically produces thousands of targeted campaigns to give marketers insight they need, thus enabling them to create relevant content. Marketers can now identify new opportunities, use existing content to produce relevant campaigns, and continuously optimize campaigns to drive conversions. With Captora, marketers can achieve optimal results.

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