Search Engine Optimization SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) consists of driving traffic to your site by using targeted keywords to ensure your website is ranking high in terms of relevance. However, SEO has not been the most effective way to reach buyers. SEO still has a place in marketing, but with search engine algorithms constantly changing, marketers no longer know what keywords will drive conversions. Marketers are trying to find a way of reaching new buyers across multiple channels.

To reach potential buyers, marketers are creating videos, blogs, whitepapers, and more in hopes of buyers finding them through organic search. Buyers are using search engines to search for information before making a buying decision, thus marketers need to create content that is relevant to what these buyers are looking for. Yet, it takes more than creating dozens of content to ensure it reaches the right potential buyers. If marketers are able to reach the right buyers with the right content, they will see dramatic conversion results.

Having your website rank as relevant on search engines is a valuable part of driving traffic, but it’s not everything. Captora takes SEO further. By leveraging your content ecosystem, Captora’s patent technology automatically produces content-driven campaigns that show marketers where new opportunities exist and where content gaps lie. Instead of focusing on keywords and relying on search engine algorithms to rank your website high, marketers can now produce relevant content to ensure they are driving conversions.

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