Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the inbound marketing strategy of leveraging organic search channels in order to generate new leads and website traffic. SEO offers marketers a rich opportunity to engage potential customers by providing information hungry buyers with the content they are looking for. In a world where "81% of Business to Business purchase cycles start with a web search," (LBDGA) marketers need to be leveraging SEO best practices in order to engage these buyers. In order to thrive in SEO marketing marketers need to focus on the following:

  • Understanding Google Changes - understanding the importance of audience centric content, how Google ranks webpages and why you need to be mobile optimized.
  • Landing Page Optimization - marketers can no longer direct search traffic to generic home pages. But rather need to be engaging buyers with personalized web experiences.
  • Captora!

Captora is a digital marketing platform that sits on top of the marketing funnel and helps marketers leverage content to improve their SEO strategies. The Captora platform does the following:

  • Indexes your content and your competitors content so you can identify key demand signals and long tail search terms that are trending i your industry.
  • Create hundreds of SEO optimized landing pages - personalized websites that are centered around these search terms.
  • Report the success of these campaigns to help inform you on where you should spend your SEO and PPC dollars.

ServiceMax was able to triple their SEO conversion rates by leveraging the Captora platform. See how Captora can help you optimize your SEO strategy in order to drive pipeline growth and fuel ROI.

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