Search Engine Marketing Software

Search engine marketing software leverages the power of automating some of the most common tasks and provides insights that only analysis of big data of marketing content can provide. No longer does a marketer have to guess what kind of content to author. Let Captora evaluate your content and your competitors' content to provide unique insights. Search engine marketing software has become an increasingly invaluable tool to the modern marketer.

How can search engine marketing software help you as a marketer?

Captora gives you a platform to launch campaigns that:

  • Informs your visitors with information relevant to them
  • Engage your visitors across a wide range of topics
  • Provide you with valuable analytics to know what is and is not working

Don't know what content to author? When launching a Captora campaign, you can view content ideas and suggestions. You can also see your competitors' content on the same topic to remain competitive. You can act secure in the notion that your content is safe from spam and that you are addressing the topic at hand.

Armed with Captora's search engine marketing software you will have all the tools available to you to see your demand landscape and take the actions necessary to beat your competitors.

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