Search Engine Marketing Metrics

Being able to track your inbound marketing efforts is critical to helping you know what works versus what does not. Search Engine Marketing is a great way to place your messaging in front of potential buyers who are searching for or around your solution. However in order to measure success and track that success back to SEM efforts, you need to be aware of the following metrics.

  1. Website Visitors - are the amount of users online that have accessed a particular page or you website as a hole.
  2. Conversions/ Conversion Rates - Conversions are the number of users who have exchanged their contact information for a piece of gated content. Conversion rates are these numbers in a percantage.
  3. Direct/ Referral Channels - Inform you if a visitor searched for your solution directly or were referred to you from a third party i.e. Twitter, Linkedin, blogs, other websites
  4. Click Through Rates - Measure the success of online advertisements, digital banners, specific links etc.
  5. Bounce Rates - refers to the percentage of website visitors who "bounced" (left) rather than continue on to other pages.
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