Search Engine Marketing Management

A common difficulty among modern marketers is improving his or her search engine marketing management. As your marketing strategy grows and begins to include more and more content it becomes harder to keep track of all of your content. Marketing teams may grow and multiple people may be working on authoring the same content. Also, the sheer volume of the content may become overwhelming and difficult to keep track of.

Captora comes to the rescue to the overwhelmed modern marketer. Our marketing automation software gives the ability to organize your content in an easy searchable interface; search based on campaign performance, similar topics, or a host of other filters. Marketers can tag their content to organize into buckets and assign content to others on their team.

Also, Captora's software can help you keep track of which campaigns you have promoted, published, and gives the marketer and his or her team a way to subscribe to the progress of content they are interested in.

Have a lot of assets to manage? Let Captora keep track of your CTAs, images, PDFs, slideshares, and keep track of your competitors' as well. With Captora, search engine marketing management can be well organized and informed.

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