Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing refers to both organic search and paid search. It's tied to the discovery of powerful search terms and the use of content that the visitor finds both meaningful and useful. In the case of organic search, optimizing that content for high or improved rankings in search results is a required process.

Search engine marketing processes have traditionally been very labor-intensive. There are a few useful tools to help with data discovery, but by and large search engine marketing is a manual process that requires a lot of educated guesses and continual testing to verify the efficacy of choices and decisions. Search engine marketing is expensive to maintain and doesn't scale without incremental human resources.

Captora changes search engine marketing drastically. It automatically gathers millions of demand signals across the Internet to identify the most powerful search terms for a business. And then it matches those terms to existing search engine marketing content to create hyper-targeted campaigns to reach purchase-ready prospects. This means that search engine marketing can be scaled to unprecented levels without adding people to the process.

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