ROI Of Online Marketing

Are you under more pressure to fuel ROI for your company? As buyers continue to rely more heavily on search engines and social media to give them the content they want, this will be a reality for most modern marketers. However, as buyers are not just downloading one piece of content and then converting into paying customers, tying content campaigns back to ROI can be quite a challenge.

This is an issue that we are solving. Captora is helping companies grow pipeline faster and generate ROI by engaging their target audience with relevant content. Here is how we are doing that.

  • Demand Analyzer - Identify and prioritize personalized digital marketing campaigns by automatically stack ranking buyer intent signals that are trending in your industry.
  • Campaign Engine - Leverage these data-driven insights to intelligently and automatically scale digital marketing campaign creation around these key search terms.
  • Performance Advisor - Report the results of these campaigns to see what asset, offer, channel and messaging resonates well with your target audience.

Leading companies are leveraging Captora to improve their CPL, fuel their marketing automation solutions with quality leads and increase the impact of prior investments. Find out how Captora can help you improve the ROI on your online marketing campaigns!

Digital Marketing Acceleration Video