ROI Of Marketing Automation

Marketing is under pressure to accelerate pipeline growth. So how can you increase your pipeline? You need to capture new buyers who are not in your database. But, there is no integrated digital marketing solution to find new quality buyers.That's where Captora comes in. Captora fills the top of the funnel with new new names and increases the impact of prior investments in back-office, CRM and Marketing Automation.

With Captora you can:

  • Automate the processes around scalable campaign creation and optimization
  • Integrate with your forms/templates
  • Automatically determine the best title, sub-title, and CTA to maximize conversion rates

Now, you can report success across channels, content and the entire funnel. You can also leverage advanced monitoring and reporting techniques to report results by campaign/persona/channel over time. As well as drive continuous, real-time improvement of campaigns using data and up-to-the-moment performance comparisons.

Captora increases the ROI of your marketing automation solution and helps you find and capture new buys before your competition. Download our ebook to learn about the new marketing technology stack and how to increase investments from your marketing automation solution.

Digital Marketing Acceleration Video