Responsive Landing Page Template

Designing responsive landing page templates has becoming increasingly more important for the modern marketer. As Google constantly updates its organic search algorithm, it is weighting responsiveness of pages higher and higher.

Often times, it becomes impossible for a conversion to take place on your landing pages due to an inability to even display the call to action on a page that is not designed with responsiveness in mind.

With Captora, keeping your pages organized and determining what pages are responsive and which ones are not is easy. Also, keep your content displaying the way you want on all devices.

Captora helps you maintain a set of responsive templates and then re-use them across all of your campaigns. Keep your content friendly to all devices as you originally designed them. Whether it's mobile, desktop, tablet, or the newest device on the market, you should be able to maintain the widest audience possible by designing responsive landing pages.

Using a template-based system will help you keep track of your carefully designed pages and insure uniformity throughout. Have a specialist that keeps track of responsiveness? Provide them with Captora and let them be the maintainers of how all of your pages are designed.

Create content once that can be consumed anywhere on anything with Captora.

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