Quality Leads Marketing

Due to changes in the way buyers make purchasing decisions, marketers are facing more pressure to generate high quality leads. However, with all the content that is being shared, this can be quite a challenge. That is why marketers need an integrated digital marketing solution, like Captora, to help them scale top of funnel lead generation.

Captora is a B2B digital marketing platform that is helping companies leverage their best existing content in order to generate high quality leads. With Captora, marketers are able to:

  • Identify thousands of internet demand signals and pain points to understand how buyers are using long tail keywords to search for and around their solution.
  • From the same platform, use data-driven insights to create hundreds of hyper-targeted landing pages that are based on these pain points.
  • In real time, monitor the success of these targeted campaigns to see how well you are engaging your target audience.

Companies like Marketo leverage Captora to fuel their marketing automation solution with net new leads. In fact, within the first quarter of using Captora, Marketo saw a 45% growth in new leads. Find out how Captora can help you capture high quality leads before your competition!

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