Quality Content Writing

Producing high quality content is a major goal for many companies. Creating quality content will help increase brand awareness, engage buyers, and build relationships with prospects. Buyers are looking for quality content to keep them interested in your brand and help them make a purchase decision. But, writing engaging, informative, valuable, quality content can be a daunting process.

According to Altimeter Group 2014, 70% of marketers say they lack a consistent or integrated content strategy. Modern marketers are creating content without data that tacks which campaigns are performing well and which ones should be optimized to deliver results. Instead marketers are spending time and money on creating content that often just sites on their website. Even with the best writers, creating quality content is about knowing what your buyers are looking for.

Creating great content can be easy, but writing quality content that delivers results is complicated. Captora is the solution to help marketers write quality content that will increase brand awareness, grow pipeline, and capture buyers. Captora sees your website click stream data and automatically compares it with web-wide and competitor demand signals to determine where new campaigns and optimization opportunities exist. Now, marketers have the data they need to help them create quality content to grow pipeline.

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