Qualified Lead Generation

The goal of qualified lead generation is to find new contacts to feed into your marketing leads databases. This is accomplished by authoring content that attracts traffic and also directs that traffic to a specific piece of content- gated by a CTA.

Formulate your qualified lead generation strategy by:

    1. Identifying Buyer Personas - Determine the key decision makers and how you can relate your content to them.
    2. Being Multi-Channel - It is very important to pair your content with where the prospective buyer is during the buyer journey. Are they looking for information through organic search results or are they following market leaders on social media?
    3. Producing Targeted Landing Pages - Once you have distributed your content across multiple channels you can target your consumers based upon the channel they arrived from.

Buyers are searching for solutions and are doing so across many channels. Assisting them in finding the answer to their problem is key to finding a qualified marketing lead. As modern marketers, we are responsible for fueling the return on investment and moving your traffic through their buying journey. Having personalized content that speaks to them through the funnel is key.

Captora can help with your qualified lead generation.

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