Problem In Marketing Strategy

Marketers are constantly struggling with a lean budget, limited time, and limited resources. But they need to ensure they have a clear and documented marketing strategy to execute against in order to be successful in their marketing efforts and move the needle. The challenge for marketers who face these challenges is executing their marketing strategy for results. Here are 3 main problems with your marketing strategy:

  • Too Much Guesswork- You need to rely on data in order to help you figure out what to prioritize. You are guessing about what content to create, what campaigns to run, what your buyers are searching for, etc. You need to leverage technology that looks at data and get real-time data into what buyers are searching for, what competitors are doing, what campaigns you should prioritize in order to help you get the most for your buck.
  • No Insight Into What's Working- You don't have a closed feedback loop to let you know what channels are working well for what stage the buyer is in. Leveraging cross channel analytics is critical for marketers. By knowing what is working versus what is not, you will be able to pivot your strategy accordingly.
  • Not leveraging technology- Many marketers have lean budgets and are relying on just marketing automation and CRM solutions to help them accelerate pipeline. By leveraging other technologies you will be able to get more data, insights, and automation to help you scale your marketing efforts.

With Captora marketers are able to rely on real-time data to help them prioritize their time and resources to scale and optimize campaigns across channels that will move the needle. No more spreadsheets and guesswork, it's time to sale your marketing campaigns and get them in front of the right people at the right time.



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