Ppc Vs SEO Which One Works

PPC vs. SEO: Which one works? Marketers generally use either PPC or SEO Campaigns to drive traffic to your website. Both can be an effective way to drive more visitors, but don’t necessarily generate leads.

In SEO, Marketers can drive traffic by ranking in the top results of a search engine based on audience-focused keywords. Marketers tend to find this attractive because it is free, while buyers are likely to click on your website if it ranks high.

SEO marketing, a.k.a. Search Engine Optimization, is the generation of traffic on organic search channels (Yahoo, Google, Bing). Are you not getting conversion rates on your SEO & PPC campaigns? Do you struggle to generate high quality leads while keeping your cost per lead low? SEO involves consistent optimization. With constant changes in search algorithms, marketers have to adjust their SEO practices on a regular basis.

PPC or Pay Per Click advertising is used in order to bring visitors to their site. PPC is a method of online advertising where each time a buyer clicks into an add, the company pays for that click. PPC is unfortunately a hit or miss with most companies.

Marketers feel pressure to drive leads, boost web traffic, and deliver conversions.

Captora is the answer. Captora crawls the web, your site and your competitors content to assess where your content is producing the traffic you need, and where the shortcomings are. The Captora platform develops long-tail keyword suggestions that your buyers are looking for on search engines, and helps you develop pages that will drive those buyers to your site.

Check out our demo video to see how Captora should be your Digital Marketing Solution.

Digital Marketing Acceleration Video