Ppc Vs SEO How Do They Work

Today there is a buzz about Ppc Vs SEO:How Do They Work? It seems very common that marketers utilize PPC or SEO campaigns in order to drive traffic to their website. While both may be effective, they do not always generate the leads marketing departments want.

SEO Marketing

The numbers are declining when looking at the percent of marketers who feel they can create tangible results of ROI. Marketers compete to rank on search engines based on certain keywords. It is a necessity to have the tools and ability to identify what target keywords or phrases potential buyers are using when using search engines to find your product. By positioning your content to meet those buyer needs, you will match the algorithms set forward by search engines and rank higher- with relevant and consistent content. Some marketers use SEO, but finding what works for your brand is a challenge.

PPC Marketing

Another methods of marketing is PPC- pay per click. In this case, marketers use PPC advertisements such as Google Adwords. Paid search ads show up in the sponsored section of results on a search engine. Paid search is an effective strategy to enhance lead generation. But,the results seem to become diluted as you scale. Paid search opportunity is about optimization within your content.

Captora's Take on PPC and SEO

Captora knows marketers face challenges in both SEO & PPC campaigns and provides the robust solution to help you as a marketer reach your goals. Captora takes your existing content, analyzes your competitions' data, and other content and information on the web, to automatically create hyper-targeted campaigns across channels so marketers gain insight to content gaps, how to prioritize campaigns, and where the existing opportunities are. With regard to PPC, Captora optimizes paid search campaigns to augment conversion rates. Captora’s solution makes the page personalized to your buyer and then allows A/B testing to make sure your campaigns are effective. Continually optimizing campaigns is critical to driving pipeline.

Check out this 2 minute video to see how Captora can help you optimize and succeed!