PPC Campaign VS SEO

Marketers utilize either PPC or SEO Campaigns to drive more traffic to your website. Both of these can be effective ways to drive more visitors, but they don’t always generate leads.

SEO Marketing

According to Responsys, in 2013, 38% of marketers though they could measure SEO ROI. In 2014, that went to 28%. Marketers can increase traffic to their website for free by ranking high in search engine results based on certain keywords. With recent changes in search engine algorithms marketers no longer know what keywords are boosting traffic to their site. With thousands of buyers using search engines to search for information about your product or service, marketers have a significant opportunity to reach buyers through organic channels. Some marketers are still using SEO, but most marketers are finding other strategies to generate more traffic and increase leads via organic search.

PPC Marketing

According to Responsys, in 2013, 57% of marketers though they could measure Paid Search ROI. In 2014, that went to 51%. Marketers can also boost traffic by using PPC advertisements like Google Adwords. Paid search ads are displayed in the sponsored section on search engines. Paid search can be an effective strategy for lead generation. But, it starts to hit diminishing returns as you scale. For modern marketers, the paid search opportunity is about optimization.

Captora's Take on PPC and SEO

Captora understands the challenges marketers face in both SEO and PPC campaigns and has the solution to help marketers reach their goals. In terms of SEO, Captora leverages your existing content, your competitions data, and information on the web, to automatically produce targeted campaigns across multiple channels that give marketers insight into where content gaps lie, what campaigns to prioritize, and where existing opportunities exist. In regards to PPC, Captora automatically optimizes paid search campaigns to increase conversion rates. Captora’s solution personalizes the page based on buyer information and continuously A/B tests key campaign elements to ensure marketers are reaching the results they want. Being able to continually optimize campaigns is critical to driving conversions. With Captora marketers can ensure they are achieving optimal results!