Paid Search Prospects

The internet has caused a shift within the buying process. Buyers now have information at their fingertips about your product or service. Your sales team is no longer on the frontline trying to capture buyers through methods such as cold calling. This shift has forced companies to find an alternative way to engage and capture more prospects. Companies shifted to inbound marketing to engage prospects. Marketers are now on the frontline and are often the first people prospects come in contact with. With inbound marketing, marketers can reach prospects through various channels to ensure they are attracting the highest amount of prospects to their brand.

With paid search, marketers choose keywords which are related to their website and pay search engines a fee for each ad click they receive from a prospect. Prospects will be able to see your ad when they search those keywords, and it will help capture their attention. Trying to attract prospects through paid search channels is an effective way to generate leads. However, most marketing automation programs do not scale to the amount of growth marketers need. By optimizing their paid search campaigns, marketers can ensure they are reaching prospects in an effective way.

Captora helps marketers create optimized and effective paid search campaigns to reach and capture more prospects. With Captora each campaign is personalized based on prospect information, to help you achieve higher conversion rates. Captora takes the manual work of testing and optimizing each campaign out, and automatically A/B tests your content, CTAs, and offers to help marketers engage prospects through their paid search channels. With Captora marketers can increase their prospects by having an effective paid search campaign process.