Paid Search Buyers

Trying to reach buyers is critical in ensuring growth. However, this can be a complex process for marketers since marketing messages are easily lost in today’s noise. According to Sirius Decisions, 70% of the buying process is complete by the time a buyer is ready to engage with sales. Buyers are looking for information and as a result, marketing is the first contact a buyer has with your company. Sales teams are no longer on the frontlines. In order to reach these buyers marketers are using various channels to ensure they are engaging the highest number of prospect.

Paid search could be a great way to reach new buyers. With paid search, marketers are bidding on keywords that are relevant to their site and pay a fee for each ad click they get from visitors. This could be a great way to generate leads, however as marketers start to scale they hit diminishing returns. In order to successfully reach paid search buyers, marketers need to optimize their paid search campaigns to ensure they are driving the results they need. Marketers know the importance of optimization, but often forget to continuously optimize. Being able to optimize paid search campaigns will ensure marketers aren’t loosing out on driving buyers to their site and driving conversions.

Captora knows marketers are under pressure to meet revenue goals and contribute to pipeline growth. With Captora marketers can effectively manage and optimize their paid search campaigns without the manual and time consuming process that they have now. Captora’s patent technology automatically optimizes paid search campaigns to drive the highest possible conversion rates. Captora personalizes each campaign based on visitor information and relevant content as well as continuously A/B tests campaign elements such as CTAs, offers, etc to ensure marketers have a successful paid search campaign. Marketers no longer have to worry about engaging buyers through their paid search channels and see optimal results.