Organic SEO Services

SEO marketing services help marketers take advantage of specific keywords to help them in ranking higher in search engines results pages when potential net-new buyers search that keyword. Search engine optimization services are incredibly important in marketing, but with perpetual alterations in online search algorithms, marketers don’t have access to information regarding which keywords are attracting traffic to their website. While search engine optimization marketing services enable marketers to generate web traffic, they do little to increase and maximize conversions.

Marketers are starting to emphasize content marketing strategies to ensure they are engaging countless buyers online and drive conversions. Modern marketers are under high amounts of pressure to increase the number of leads, capture potential buyers, and achieve marketing goals. Creating content can be a time-consuming and overwhelming process, thus marketers are attempting to discover a way to design content to reach and engage prospective buyers. By putting relevant content in front buyers that are most likely to buy your offering, marketers will see a significant impact in conversions. This increase in conversions leads to more net-new leads that can be nurtured in your marketing automation system and prepared for your customer relationship management solution.

Captora doesn’t depend on SEO marketing offerings to help marketers make the process simpler. Instead, Captora uses its patented big data and machine learning platform to focus on top-of-funnel marketing that helps marketers to draw in thousands of net-new buyers who don’t know your business. Captora leverages content that belongs to both you and your competitors from existing websites to automatically create targeted campaigns across multiple platforms to guarantee that marketers are creating relevant content.

Interested in finding out more about the Captora platform? Check out our video to learn about the premier digital marketing acceleration platform.

Digital Marketing Acceleration Video