??Organic SEO Search Engine Optimization

Organic search optimization can take a lot of time and effort. Marketers are relying on certain keywords to help them drive traffic to their site. But with random changes within search ranking algorithms, marketers don’t know which keywords will increase their web traffic. Instead of trying to play catch up with search engine algorithms, marketers are looking for new ways to help engage buyers.

One great way to drive traffic to your website, is by producing tons of relevant and engaging content that people find useful. This is a lot easier than it sounds. One of the common challenges marketers are facing is producing content that has tie to ROI. Marketers do not have data for which campaigns are driving results or what existing content to prioritize in order to engage more buyers. Without the proper tool to provide buyers with insight and data, marketers are wasting time and effort producing content that collects dust versus driving buyers.

Captora applies machine learning algorithms to your content, web traffic, and your competitors’ content to ensure your content marketing efforts are not wasted. Focus your time and money on campaigns based on data and insight, not guesswork. Captora rapidly adapts your marketed based on what buyers are looking for at this moment and continually optimizes campaigns for the highest possible conversions. No more trying to keep up with ranking algorithms, Captora is the tool to ensure you are reaching your goals in a fast and efficient way.

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