Organic Search Vs Pay Per Click

Organic search is the search results that a search engine generates that matches the buyer's search ranked based on relevance. In order to be successful in organic search, marketers use search engine optimization (SEO) methods. Marketers are constantly optimizing their website in order to make it more relevant to search terms, thus boosting it's rank on a search page. However, with constant changes in search ranking algorithms, marketers are finding it challenging to fire out which keywords will help them rank higher. To successfully utilize organic search, marketers need to expand their long-tail keywords and reach new buyers. Note: organic search takes longer to show ROI, but generates more volume of leads.

The other type of results search engines generate is paid search. Marketers track their paid search by focusing on Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. PPC is a way of marketing that involves bidding on targeted keywords in order to have an ad show up at the top of the search page which is paid for based on how many times visitors click it. PPC is a great way to generate leads in the short-run, but many marketers are seeing diminishing returns as they try to scale. To be successful in PPC, marketers need to focus on optimization. Ensure your landing page is targeted to each persona to ensure conversions are increasing.

In order to be successful in both organic search and Pay Per Click, marketers must set the right expectations. With the pressure to accelerate pipeline, marketers need to rely on technology to scale their revenue growth. With Captora, marketers are able to intelligently scale and optimize their marketing campaigns via organic and pay per click campaigns to drive conversions based on data. No more guesswork and manual efforts of creating campaigns. Download our ebook to learn about scaling up your marketing campaigns and how to increase the results of both organic search and pay per click campaigns.

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