Organic Search Visitors

Search engine optimization is an inbound marketing practice that relies on free and organic search channels to identify and engage potential customers through content promotion. In the past, SEO was primarily focused on keyword and link building to climb the organic search rankings on Google. In the current state of digital marketing, these strategies are on their way out the door; if not completely out already. Now, SEO requires that modern digital marketers promote valuable and relevant content via targeted landing pages to convert visitors into sales. Here are some tips and techniques to start converting organic search visitors.

  • Content Relevancy - As mentioned before, in the current state of digital marketing content relevancy is of the utmost importance. Google's natural language and machine learning capabilities are empowering online consumers as search, both paid and organic, is becoming reliant on providing consumers with the content that they are searching for. If you have a campaign built around a keyword, but no valuable content around that keyword, you will be penalized by Google. Keywords are a dying breed. Now, it is all about buyer intent signals. Understand them and how to create content around them or get lost in the noise.
  • Segmentation - This plays into the theme of content relevancy. Due to the fact that over 27 million pieces of content are shared each day, digital marketers must provide potential customers with the right content, and the right offer at the right time. The key way to this is to segment your content according to buyer personas and buyer journey's. VP's of marketing looking for a product demo and how they can leverage your solution to reach their goals absolutely MUST receive different content messaging and offers than a sales intern looking for education on the industry. Conduct interview with your internal teams and customers to develop buyer personas and buyer journeys - understand them and the appropriate messaging.
  • Landing Page Optimization - Visitors who are using different search terms, have different personas and who are at different stages in the buyer journey, need to be directed back to specific landing pages based on certain criteria. If all of these visitors land on the same page with the same messaging and with the same offer, not only are you unlikely to convert them, you are being penalized by Google. It is imperative for modern digital marketers to tie different touches and different experiences back to specific landing pages with specific offers. (For more information on Landing Page Optimization visit our blog for a 2 part post on LPO).

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