Organic Search Traffic

Modern marketers are under pressure to capture inbound buyers before their competition as well as deliver enough qualified leads to contribute to pipeline. In order to meet these goals marketers rely on web traffic. Many marketers are concerned with having their websites ranked high in Google’s organic search for relevant keywords. This can be a great way to drive organic search traffic to your website, but it isn’t efficient. With Google constantly tweaking their search engine algorithms, marketers need to constantly change their SEO strategy. Marketers are looking for a more effective way to not only increase organic search traffic, but capture buyers as well.

To engage buyers, marketers are investing more of their budgets into content marketing. Yet, marketers are not seeing the ROI they need from producing content. With no data behind what kind of assets to create, many marketers are struggling to figure out what to produce. In order to successfully reach buyers, marketers need insight into what content they are missing out on. Being able to identify content gaps will allow marketers to drive more organic search traffic as well as increase conversions. Many times marketers are missing out on the opportunity to engage thousands of buyers, because they are not writing relevant content that buyers care about. Content marketing can be a marketer’s best friend, but having a proper system in place to measure success is critical.

Captora created a program to enable marketers to not only increase organic search traffic, but get the best results out of their content marketing strategy. Captora’s program provides marketers with data and insight into where they have content gaps, competitor performance, and individual performance for specific demand signals. In addition, Captora automatically creates targeted data-driven campaigns across paid, organic, and social search programs to enable marketers to reach thousands of buyers, even those who don’t know their brand. Now markets can create relevant content that will increase their organic search traffic, generate more leads, and drive conversions.

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