Organic Search Results

Search engines have been a popular method when trying to find information. With buyers using search engines to do their research, marketers are tweaking their marketing strategies to have stronger online presence. Many buyers look at organic search results when they want to learn more about a particular topic. Organic search results are the websites ranked based on relevance to the user’s search query. But, search engines are constantly changing their algorithms. By ranking high marketers are trying to increase brand awareness, generate more traffic, and drive conversions. But, there are more effective methods of reaching these goals.

Content marketing is a valuable way of engaging buyers. According to a study by Responsys, 74% of marketers have planned to increase their content marketing budgets in 2014. Marketers spend countless hours creating content but are not seeing ties to ROI. To ensure that your content is relevant to buyers, marketers need to know what content to produce, what content is attracting buyers, and what competitors are saying. With that data, marketers can see their content marketing efforts being successful.

Ranking high in organic search results can be important, but having valuable content is critical to growth. Captora provides marketers with the data they need to create relevant content that will ensure they are capturing thousands of buyers. Captora analyzes your buyer data, competitor information and web demand to give insights on untapped opportunities. In order to create successful campaigns Captora:

  • Intelligently and automatically leverages your content to create campaigns across search, advertising, and social channels to bring in new buyers
  • Continually tests and optimizes campaign elements (CTAs, offers, and content) to drive high conversion rates

Marketers can now stop worrying about search engine algorithms and focus on developing the best content to potential buyers.

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